19 May 2010


nizang bagi soalan kat aku. untuk zine mosh#14 katanya. aku tengok soalan santai jek. tak payah nak buat kaji selidik yang mendalam untuk jawab, jadi aku pun answer that question. aku main jawab jek. jawab dalam bahasa engrish pulak tu. aku mana reti cakap engrish. huhu

1. What’s the first zine you’ve read/seen?

I forgot already what’s the first zine I have read.hehe.but i think Riot Heroes and Ultimate Recruit Fanzine are the first time fanzine I’ve read. this is because, this two zine done by my classmate. and of course on that time I really dont know what stuff that I have read. zine? what is it? :)

2. What zines you read that gave you life-changing experience?

No specific zines actually.all zines that I’ve read developed the way of my thinking. and automatically change the way of my life.

3. What are your favorite zines and why?

All Kuala Lipis fanzines!!! Hilang Punca, Reunite, Thinking Stra8, Journal, Maximum Think, and so on. Abstained Agogo zine from Kelantan also one of my favourite zine. Why? because they wrote with their own style.

4. What’s the weirdest zine you’ve seen and how does it look like?

Weirdest zine? Don’t ever see the weirdest zine actually. Maybe because for me, all zines have their own unique style.

5. What’s the first hc/punk/DIY record/cd/tape you bought?

I don’t remember what the first cd/tape that I’ve bought. But I still remember that for the first time ever I was listened d.i.y punk rock songs from RAVAGE (Penang crust core) that I borrowed from my classmate, also one of RAVAGE line up. First time listened RAVAGE songs, I really can’t accept that kind of "songs". haha.:p

6. What’s the hc/punk/DIY band that changed your life?

All the d.i.y punk rock bands. My punk rock life style was developed by the punk rock scene itself. bands, zines, friends, punk society, politics. All this stuffs become important factors that change my lifestyle.

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