18 October 2005

Bukan Kekasih Setia
++lagu yang kamu dengar sekarang (bagi yang ada speaker, pasti akan mendengar lagu sambil membaca tulisan ini) adalah lagu yang bertajuk "bukan kekasih setia" dendangan kumpulan Padi.lagu ini tidak rilis (unrelease) dalam mana-mana album dan hanya dapat didengarin secara ekslusif oleh Sobat Padi sahaja. oh ya, mungkin kamu juga ingin mendengar lagu "dealova" yang sememangnya tidak pernah wujud di Malaysia ini bukan. nanti saya akan kasi kamu dengarin suatu hari nanti yah! :)

Dealova Movie Out On September 8
++Indonesia - From the best-selling teen novel by Dyan Nuranindya, Dealova, the movie of the same title will soon be out in theaters from September 8, 2005.This time, Addie MS -- the well known orchestra composer -- has ben roped in to produce the score music and its soundtrack album as well.Addie, who has never arranged a pop song these last 10 years, was very enthusiastic about the project.Addie got Once (Dewa's lead singer) to sing the theme song titled "Dealova" with music backed by the Opick Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra from Melbourne, Australia.The soundtrack album has 10 songs, mostly sung by newcomerslike Bunga ("Saat Kau Pergi" written by Dewiq), Voo ("Aku Kecewa" by Sablem), Sandy ("Cemburu" by Sandy/Thomas/Dewiq), and J-Rocks ("Serba Salah" by Iman). Besides that, Tere, Cupumanik, Gigs, and Agus Sasongko also contributed a song."I hope by watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack album, people will understand that symphonic orchestra isn't always related to adults and formal stuff, but can also be enjoyed by teens," Addies said about his goal in this soundtrack project.Be at the Dealova's Meet and Greet at the movie's Gala Premier in Avenue Ciwalk Bandung, September 2, 2005. Cast members are scheduled to attend including MTV Indonesia's VJ Evan Sanders, Rizky Hanggono, Jessica Iskandar, Ben Joshua and Nagita S.

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