04 August 2008

Homicide's "Illsurrekshun" Will be Released in Malaysia on Papakerma Records

Due to our limitation in distributing our records overseas and keep it in the fair price at the same time (the local postage rates is a killer when you have to send stuff overseas), we have decided to work with several local labels in several states in re-releasing and distributing our CD outside Indonesia. Papakerma Records in Malaysia will release and distribute “Illsurrekshun” in Malaysia/Singapore, when Diseased Records helps us doing the task for USA region, and perhaps this would be a vinyl one. This answers some questions from Malaysian friends who asking us on how to order the “Illsurrekshun” CD. More details will be updated soon as possible. Visit Papakerma here.

words taken from : http://www.nekrophone.blogspot.com

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